FX Garage is a creative software boutique that always handles interesting and challenging projects in an unconventional way.

We do that because of our passion for coding, our broad understanding of available technology and our creative approach in doing things right, in the first attempt, in the shortest time.


Because we’re eager to move to our next interesting project…

Claim to Fame

Our main achievement was the development of the laser and stage lighting control desktop software package Phoenix Show Controller, written entirely by our team using C++, C#.



Business Process Management

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Internet of Things

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Custom Development

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Stefan Szilamer

Stefan Szilamer

Lead Developer

Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Strong business development professional, highly skilled and very flexible programmer with over ten years of hands-on coding experience in OOP and over ten years of team leading experience.

Stefan worked with several languages such as C/ C++, C#, Objective C, Java, Python, PHP, .NET across multiple platforms: Windows, Linux, IOS, Android as well as in Embedded Software, SQL, CVS and Embedded Systems.

Excellent team-player and problem solver.

Zsolt Rakosfalvy

Zsolt Rakosfalvy

Technical Director

Passionate programmer and technology enthusiast, Zsolt’s specialties include:

  • Programming Languages – Java, C/C++, Delphi, C#, Object-C, ASM
  • SDK’s – MFC, .NET, DirectX, OpenGL, 3D Studio MAX SDK
  • Platforms – Windows, Linux, Macintosh

Web: Java (Vaadin, Spring,…), PHP, C#

Lots of debugging experience

Marius Diaconu

Marius Diaconu

Business Development Director

Experienced IT&C entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in large IT solutions implementation and services market.


Lagora HR

An enterprise management platform focused on optimizing the execution of Human Resources related tasks.

jBPM based and accessible from any device, Lagora manages the whole employment process, from candidate management to employee dismissal and unneeded employee’s management, including all the related, template-based document generation.

The project is Java based using Vaadin framework and MySql database.

An original feature is the Cluster module where companies with the same interests can share information as well as workforce in a digital meeting place.

Truck Parts Sales and Fleet Management Platform

Allowing the centralized management of a complex maintenance and transportation infrastructure, built using PHP, HTML5 JS, CSS3, Ajax, jQuery and Bootstrap.

Insurance Payment Bordereau Generation

Streamlines the generation of payment documents for large number of policies consolidated into one bulk payment that could be further tracked down and matched against core-insurance policy data.

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IoT Solutions

We develop advanced IoT solutions for Lora and LoraWAN networks. We provide both hardware and software components, for a variety of applications including:

  • Smart lighting
  • Monitoring & Security
    • Smart sensors
    • Panic buttons
    • Smart parking
    • GPS Tracking
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Mintax is an accounting platform built exclusively for the UK market in python and Django framework using Postgres database.


An US federal contracts scoring platform www.fedscore.com that uses AI to identify the company’s success probability to win contracts on given federal opportunities, based on the company’s previous success history.

Casino Games

Online casino games for Cantor Gaming (US-based gaming company) using C# as well as additional stand-alone casino games written in C++ for UNIX environments.

Real-time ship painting software

A C# software that allows complex painting projects for large vessel surfaces while ships are anchored in a port. The software corrects the movement of the vessel with millimeter precision in order to keep the paining reference at its exact location.

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